How To Make Money Blogging?

I am some sort of a pioneer in making money online my friends circle. Initially I used to persuade my friends to make money online, but these days I am persuading them to start blogging. So far I have succeeded in converting one to blogging religion but he is not actually blogging for the right reasons. Ahh Well! The other managed to get a site, hopefully soon he will be a convert.

Since in the past year that I have started blogging, it has become some sort of a addiction, a private place in the public domain to shout about anything and everything. Blogging is such a great experience that….eh? My Firefox Spell check says blogging is not even a word! 🙂

The other day I had a friend of mine on Orkut scrapping me this:

New Blog Request

Okie, I am not a Adsense Millionaire, still I am absolutely sure none of those money making clicks came from my own clicks!!! While money is definitely one of the perks, it will take off all the fun of pure blogging if you do it just for the money.

I usually guide friends to some of my own articles and try to help them out a bit with it. I started blogging for the money myself and it was so hard without anyone helping you out. I would love to help others make a living on the internet too.

But the sad truth is, you will never make money online only with help from others. It simply does not work that way. The only way is the hard way, read, digest, respond, act and make money. It no only opens you to new ideas, it will make you a better survivor.

So, you make money online? Or do you just blog? I blog first and then keep the money 😉 Awaiting your comments….

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