How To Write an Article in 15 Minutes

write-an-article-quicklySo, how do I do it?For one, I am always mentally prepared to write content for my blogs as I know my niches well and I get ideas for posts mostly in the shower or in a place where I have no internet access. I use my mobile to jot in content ideas and sync them up. And two, I have a fairly good typing speeds of 65 wpm. So, lets start off!

1. Open  up Google or your favourite article source site and search for the topic you are going to write about. Open up 3-5 pages.

2. I usually use notepad for this, but a pen and paper should do just fine. Scan through the 5 articles and get and overview of what you are going to write about. Put in 3-4 points which you think are important in your article on the notepad.

3. Each of my articles are structured as my english teacher at school taught me.

  • Introduction
  • Brief 3-4 points that will be covered on this article
  • 1 paragraph per point
  • Closing summary and call to action

Introduction is all about reeling attention of the reader. Start with a question mark or a weird fact or something that will get the reader baited to the article. Remember, the average internet users attention span is lower than that of a monkey (weird fact, but true).

Brief point based introduction: NextI cover the basics of three points of what I am going to write about. Sometimes in bulleted points, sometimes in a paragraph.

Expand: The points are then covered in depth with about 75-100 words each.

Closing Summary: It usually trails off with a “So, that is all that you wanted to know about <niche>” and then you put in a call for action.

Call for Action: Something every article writer/blogger should know, but do not. Its all about action. What do you want your readers to do? Do you want them to signup to your affiliate program? Visit your site? Comment on your masterpeice? Opt-in to your list? Call for it, and you just made it happen. Most people want to be told what they want to do next, physchologically, so, use it to your advantage.

And at the end of this, I have an awesome 400-500 word blog post to use on my blog or for my article marketing. It works for me, so should work for you guys too 🙂 Do let me know if it help you to write an article in 15 minutes.