HTC Mobile GPRS Settings for Vodafone India

After more than 4 months of owning my HTC S710 phone, I by accident found the settings for GPRS on my HTC phone using Vodafone India services. I had earlier tried to get the settings from Vodafone Care with no luck.
Initially I was insulted by being asked if HTC is a cheap crap chinese phone?!? Then they say that its not possible to get the normal Vodafone Live settings on my HTC as it was running Windows Mobile.

They were more interested in making me subscribe for Mobile Connect, their Rs.199/- or 5$ a month with full access to the internet. I was sure I did not need that as I had wifi connectivity at home, at most of my friends places and heck internet even in a car!!. The only reason I wished that I had vodafone gprs on my mobile was to have a backup in case I took a vacation or if I am stuck travelling or if I get abducted by terrorists. 5$ a month is a bit too much to my already in the roof phone bills (cannot be translated that I have a gf now!)

After a bit of playing around with the settings at the official site, I dicsovered the right mix for GPRS in HTC Mobiles with Vodafone India! Here goes:

First go to Settings -> Connections -> Hutch WAP (GPRS) (or create if you dont have this already)
Connects to: Work
Access point: portalnmms
User name: (empty)
Password: (empty)
Authentication type: Select the option ‘None’
Primary DNS: (empty)
2nd DNS: (empty)
IP Address:

Then go to Settings ->Proxy -> Hutch WAP Proxy (Again, create if you don’t have it already)
Connects from: Work
Connects to: WAP Network
Proxy (Name:port):
Type: Select ‘HTTP’
User Name: (empty)
Password: (empty)

Open Internet Explorer -> Tool -> Options -> Connections
Un-check the Automatically Detect Settings option
Select Network: WAP Network

After this, be sure to reboot your phone and thats it! Voila, Free Vodafone on HTC without having to subscribe to their 199 a month Mobile Connect Plan. I will report again in a few days if its possible to acctually connect my htc phone with a laptop and access the internet. See the Edge(E) symbol on the signal on my screenshot:

Browsing my blog with GPRS 🙂