Momma, Look what blogging bought me!

The title should not really be what blogging bought me, its more like what my online activity bought me. 🙂 But then, blogging got me introduced to making money online, then to macro sites, niche sites and all that. I never really invested anything I made online back into the business expect for buying new domains and starting over with some other niche site. Thank you blogging and my readers who indirectly helped me buy it.

Everything else I make, comes to the bank and I end up buying stocks and shares. A gamble I love playing with some sense 😉 And then it pays for my misadventures stupidity and more traveling and buying everything else that I fall in love with. This time it was the HTC S710 that got my attention. A very sleek and sexy phone which I fell in love with the first time I saw it. Points, reasons, excuses to justify the expense was quickly made and I now finally own the all new HTC S710!

I bought the phone from the recently launched Subhiksha Mobile chain store in Cochin. It is currently priced in Subhiksha at about 350$ or 14k rupees (INR). Subhiksha is pretty cheap when compared to others by about 20-40$ on phone prices.

HTC S710 Anand reviews, buys it in india cost

Worth every penny if you are a power user and use your phone for things much more than just those green and red buttons to attend and disconnect calls! 😉

HTC S710, india, subiksha, cost, review

The best HTC S710 Features includes:

  • Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone. Smart phone for smart people 😉
  • EDGE data, stereo sound and a 2 megapixel camera.
  • Wifi

Has everything I want from a phone 😉 The best part is its keyboard. Not the keypad, but this:

HTC S710, india, subiksha, cost, review

Slides out neat and sexy. I love this for browsing the internet and stuff on my phone so that I do not have to login to my computer each time I need to check my feeds and emails. Neat!

HTC S710, india, subiksha, cost, review

The form factor and Windows Mobile were two things that made me decide on the phone. HTC’s Touch Dual and Touch were about a 75$ or so more, but touch screens do not have my fancy as of yet. 😉

So, to my list of things blogging has bought me so far

  • My sweet lil’ bike – 175$ yea, cheap 😉
  • Loads of stocks and shares -About 2000$ worth of shares
  • The HTC S710 – 350$
  • My previous phone the Sony Ericsson’s P910 – 150$
  • Surprise presents for my family – No idea!

And the list of stuff that came with blogging:

  • Friends and partners – Priceless!
  • Name, fame and recognition – Invaluable!
  • Happiness and satisfaction – Worth much more than every effort I put in on my activities.

And the list of things I want to buy:

  • A Silver E-Class Mercedes. The sexiest thing ever!
  • A fricking big villa with a HUGE garden where I can learn something about gardening with my girl when I retire. Hopefully that will be by the time I am 32:D
  • An apartment in Cochin facing the backwaters on the 10th+ floor where I can blog peacefully without mosquitoes and party with friends every weekend.

Relatively small, but expensive 😉
So, if you are a starting off blogger, this might be a good source of inspiration for ya! If you are the veteran, need your blessings!

Enjoy what you do(hint: niche sites). Act upon what you think is right, you will fall a million times, but when you get up and stand, the world will notice. Ok, STOP. I ain’t running a personality development/self-help blog!!! 😉

If you read this post twice and get the subtle points I am trying to get across, you have a gold mine of green cash! Long way from where I started. What say?

  1. Hi 😛 happy to see your post, which gives me a lot of interest and enthusiasm in blogging since I’m just a starter in blogging.

    Congratulations for your new HTC hope in future you gain lot more and also hope that I’ll also get something useful from blogging 😉

  2. Shoban, its not justified to buy that phone, since its only a minor upgrade look vice. 🙂 And shud be more costly. 😎

    Binny, Yea, when I read that, I was kinda surprised that people like us can actually survive without one! Maybe a phone de-addiction camp will help! Nice business idea there..hmm.. 😀

    Kumar, Glad you were inspired. It takes time, but the rewards are simply too good. Lagey raho! 😉

  3. congraatzzz… apologies for not being able to enquire the price over here in bangalore..i believe you have got the best price possible…

    i still feel.. you should have saved another 150$ and bought iphone 🙂 in india you might need to add another 50-70$… but you could have tried it… 🙂

  4. @ Venu, yea, I think its the best price. I was soo loong in search of a mobile and finally zeroed in to this one. But I am kinda stuck at where to find some software for the phone. Any sites you use?

    @ Niyaz, HTC has a lot of models, but be prepared for questions like: Chinese handset? 🙂 I have had almost everyone of my friends asking that.

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