I Know Why Eve Tasted the Apple

Yesterday night at about approx 2100 hrs IST I realized why Eve tasted the forbidden Apple after all! Why? How? What and all those answers coming right up! I reached back in Cochin yesterday night after visiting my School – Rani Public School in Vadakara, Calicut. I finally had to chance to collect some important documents after 3 years of passing out.


So, whats this got to do with Eve and the forbidden Apple? Cochin to Vadakara is about 250 Kms or 155 miles. I was told that the riding my bike all the way totally stupid according to most of my friends considering the state of roads in Kerala. Here is what I travelled the distance in:

This is the bike that did more than 600 Kilometres in 3 days!

Just a normal bike with a 115cc engine. By no means a super bike or even close to a normal bike. It just runs, and thats all it does! Friends told me that going this long a distance was sheer stupidity on my part, its risky, straining and everything else. The more they told me, more I wanted to do it. So finally after a week of planning, I executed the plan and came back successfully. So, now I know why Eve was tempted to eat the Apple!

So what have I learned after 647 Kms of travel on a bike?

  • Riding a bike over long distance is stupid, uncomfortable and pointless!
  • Bikes are primarily meant for point A to point B inside the city.
  • Anything is possible!

And all the while I was driving it, I felt like Harry Potter on his broomstick trying to play some Quidditch. But I must really talk about the road from Cochin to Calicut through NH-17. It was totally smooth and good enough to ride and definitly better than the NH-47. My only complaint being that it could have been a 4-lane 😉 But I guess thats asking for too much 😀

But, soon in another day or two, I will be gone to Mookambika and Kollur to visit some temples there and to help my aunt with some rituals. Now to solve the next important problem 😀 :

OMG, loads to do!

Hopefully, be back to normal blogging in a few weeks I think!