Importance of a Professional Web Design

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Being a part time web designer myself, I see a lot of people coming over to get a website done, or to redesign their existing design. While most people consider designing to be very important in the branding of their product, there are a select few who just want a good design at a low cost. Most clients have no idea what goes into a successful design and I think its the responsibility of a web designer to incorporate the essential elements to make a design successful. Some of the essentials in web designing includes:

First Impressions:

For us bloggers content is king, but no one wants to read your king content in blue font over a yellow background! Imagine stumbling upon a site like that, I would rather hit the stumble button and move on. To make that first impression, good color combinations, pictures and icons will help create a impact on first time visitors.

Site Loading time:

Have a target audience in mind. If your site is about a soft drink, I am sure the visitors will wait the time to see the snazzy graphics. But if you have a content related site or a information portal, it pays to make the design easy on bandwidth.


Different elements require emphasis on a page, it might be your mission statement, your product list or a blaring “buy now” button. Web Designers who understand what the client expects from his website will go a long way in creating a perfect design.


A well navigable site is something everyone loves. Have a navigation bar if your site is a small one, if the number of pages are high, use categories to group links and make sure your design is navigable.

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