India Votes 2009

The biggest democrazy(not a typo), India goes to poll starting tomorrow. Elections have always been a cause of celebrations, ugly mud slinging and great entertainment in our country and specially in my state of Kerala. From parties whose manifesto contains assurances that they will stop people from talking english and protest the usage of technology and internet(I know, LAME!) to parties who use it a bit too much by spending 2500 Million Rupees ($50 Million) ofย  money on online adwords campaigns(Mr. L.K Advani, or as we bloggers call Mr. “Ad”Vani), its a total carnival here in the sub-continent.

And as far as my political inclinations go, I am with the Indian National Congress(Congress) more than the Barathiya Janata Party(BJP) for the simple reason that the latter is more like a religious communal party who wants to kick all the Muslims out of the country and change the name India to “Hindu”stan. Communal issues should never be a partys’ agenda in a country like India.

The major parties in India who are contending the elections are (Sorted by television popularity)

  • Congress who project Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister
  • BJP – Though Mr. Modi tried, Mr. “Ad”vani is supremo here.
  • The Third Front – Err…they have a lot of PM wannabes. They might even bring in a rotating PM thingy! (if they win, which in itself is a joke!)
  • The Fourth Front?! (Did see something about this on the television, but not sure whos in it!)

This is going to be an awesome month of entertainment on TV and newspapers!

If you are not voting this month, I really want you to get out of your home, office and wherever and vote!

P.S: If you are from Trivandrum, I would want you to vote for Mr. Shashi Tharoor, cuz we have a online “Bloggers for Shashi Tharoor” campaign going on for him!

  1. Believe me, Kerala is having a lot better political climate than many other states (because of the high education of the people).

    In most of the other states you can see film stars running around for a seat. People will do anything for money and power.

    In Hyderabad, Chiranjeevi (The super star of Andhra) started his own party now. Almost all of the major film stars here are having a political party of their own.

    1. In Kerala, all we have to talk about daily is either politics or super singers ๐Ÿ™‚ I spend a lot of time in the local chai shop… they were the source of my information!

      About celebrities joining politics, its a good thing. But if they start behaving like politicians…I guess thats bad ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hey, Isn’t Chiranjeevi a part of the fourth front or something? A news flash from the back of my head. Are you home for the elections?

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