Intelligently Evil : Me, not JohnChow!

After reading John’s ingenious evil plan, I came up with a counter action. JohnChow’s blog has a commenting system that is incredibly evil and for me, spammy. The top commentators position on his blog is very much sought after by backlink whores bringing in comments like “Hmm” “Nice one” “I love this blog!” and others of the kind. I absolutely hate these kind of comments anywhere. They hardly contribute to the discussion and basically kills a blog. The result? I never read the comments section after reading a post. I never comment since I am sure not to get anything worthwhile doing it.

Now JohnChow has a new plugin that will enable you to get no-follow links to your blog for $10 per month. No doubt, this will encourage all kinds of spammers and backlink whores. But reading it got me an idea. Backlinks should be given to the worthy. Not the ones who do not want anything from a blog, but backlinks. They are hardly good traffic and bad for the community around the blog.

So after searching for a while I came across a plugin called Link Love will remove the no-follow attribute after a number of comments by a person. This I believe, will encourage the long term readers of a blog, rewarding them for their contribution to the blog. Currently this limit is set at 15, which I may increase or decrease as per requirement in future. What do you think? Evil ? 👿

Yes, I am evil, but I am intelligently evil! 🙂