Internet: Needs a Format & Restart !?

Absurd? Unthinkable? WTF!?

If eveything goes well, soon we will have a new, hot and fresh Internet, or whatever it is going to be called. It promises to address all security, mobility, spam and every problem that has been coming up since the start of the Internet on the second day of September, in 1969. This is what some professors and researchers in the USA want with the support of the Big Uncle Sam Govt. Even European universities and some other private universities and organizations like govt. defence departments are believed to be following this pursuit for the new-age Internet.

“The internet works well for some situations, but was actually designed for completely different purposes, It is short of a miracle that it continues to work today!”

This is what one of the researchers feel about the internet. Many like him believe that the internet not only needs a makeover, but also needs a format and reboot. Though all these movements are in their early stages, it will be a interesting to watch where this will go to. Perhaps the new network will run parallel to the existing network, or replace it or some of its aspects will overhaul the existing architecture.

Worth keeping an eye on. 😉

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