Investment Headaches and Buying Websites

I was too busy looking at the footer of CNBC TV18 for the past week and finally have decided that buying websites is a way better investment than trying to make money in the stock market! This is a screenshot of my current holdings

Moneycontrol portofolio

Though I was able to make some money over the last year same time with a way lesser investment than this, this year was something else! Currently at a red color of more than Rs. 90,000, I am beginning to think that buying websites are a way better investment option than putting it into shares!


There are sites available on sale in most of the webmaster forums at 10 times the monthly revenue of the site. This will mean that you will get about 100% of your investment in the first year! Which fixed deposits will give you that kind of returns??!??!?

So, if you have some extra change in your paypal account, buy some websites with adsense cash or preferbly those which make you money with affiliates and organice traffic.

The sites which will run affiliates are more valuable since you are not affected by adsense headaches like smart pricing and TOS problems. And if you invest the money made for the first 4 months back into the site for more content, links and marketing. The returns will be higher as well. So, forget investing in stocks and trade websites for a change!

P.S: Sorry for the short post, I have to get back to the ticker in the bottom of CNBCtv18!  😉

  1. banking shares are good too…they are being beaten down for no reason…which means its a good price to buy them up now…

    @shoban …today was a good day 🙂

  2. You Made Some Good Points There. I Did a Search on the Topic and Found Most People Will Agree with Your Words. Thank You!

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