Invite yourself to Yahoo! Beta

If you have not got into the new Yahoo! Mail Beta yet, now is the best time to do it. It is a very hip and rocking mail client, very different from anything provided by anyone. Here is a cool tip to get your self into the new beta with a little bit of hacking.;-)This is a cool little trick by which you can Join Yahoo Beta, without an invitation1. log in to your yahoo mail account2. on the top left, besides mail button, there is one down arrow, click there…3. go to option

4. on the left panel, click on account information

5. click on edit under member
ship information

6. in the last panel..u will find Preferred Content, which would be something like, U.S.-English, or India or something click on it

7. select English-United Kingdom
8. Save changes

9. go back to your mail window..

10., Now keep this window open, and in a new window, open, and login u’ll get an invitation to join.

Tested and working fine for me. Leave your comments if it works or not for you.
Thanks to Xpressionz for this invaluable tip.

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