Is Real-Time Really The Future?


Google and Bing, the two major search engine competitors are currently on a race to integrate real time search into their results. This brings micro-blogging services mainly dominated by Twitter into the main-stream media.

But, I am not convinced. Will real time search really define the future? As a SEO consultant, this brings nightmares. First Google wanted unique content dripping frequently into a site and now it favors real time updates more in its search positions. Can there really be a perfect and reliable real time update?

I am not sold on the idea. The same day our iconic King of Pop passed away, there were rumors that celebrities like Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum and have also passed away. This was a case against Twitter and its ability to generate false news and make it spread like Australian wildfire. With a combined effort, we can cause doomsday on twitter if its news is not taken with a pinch of salt.

Even though Twitter is going depths in ensuring that Twitter is being seen as real time reliable media, much of it that comes through Twitter is crafted links, quotes, “going to get some coffee” and noise.

I loved Twitter first for its coverage on Mumbai attacks of 2008, I followed normal people who stayed near the location of terror attacks and was constantly updated with the happenings in the place without commercials or sensationalization.

But is Twitter something  beyond that? With Twitter removing the ability to see replies from the people you follow to those who you do not follow, its chat room functionality is no more. What are your thoughts on real time search and its future?