Jaya TV Goof up

Today Morning I was hopping channel to channel in hopes of finding something worthwhile to watch when I saw Jaya TV running a morning breakfast show called Kaalai Malar. They were running a segment on Fitness and Health. A section in the show was website review in which they were busy reviewing a fitness site which supposedly contained all the fitness deals, fitness tips and more about cosmetics. The site reviewed?


jaya tv reviews cosmetics.net

The reviewer was busy telling us the reader about how useful this site really is as it contained links to many special “deals” and information online. He was explaining each link and category in depth. If you have not spotted the goofup already, you are not a webmaster. 🙂

It was a good laugh over breakfast each time the show host talked about how useful this site is, with all its categories and stuff. I was wondering what type of preparation goes into creation of such shows. I can understand the pain of creating 24hrs of content everyday, but do put some thought into what you are creating!!!! I am sure the owner of Cosmetics.net is laughing his way off to the bank with all those clicks.

  1. Guess they just randomly search for .com .net sites related to the area ! Or you never know it might even be advertised by the site itself, I did see that the server is hosted in Bahamas !!

    (Anand, you need to fix the link to cosmetics.net, guess you have missed the http://)

  2. 🙂 yeaa..thats my best guess too…and interestingly, the site has a alexa rank of 1k…Thats a pretty good way of advertising, grab a good .com and advertise offline and earn thru parking. 😈

    wonder if the parking ppc that good ???

  3. This is my first comment here, just wanted to say thank you for maintaining a great blog. I know a lot of work goes into these things !

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