Kerala Bar Camp 2 Scheduled

Event details

Feb 3
9:30 A.M.

Venue (fixed)
DOE (Department of Electronics) Seminar Hall CUSAT
Thrikkakara Campus

You are informally invited to join us at the BarCamp in Kerala along with your pillows and your loudest snore. It will be greatly appreciated if you can blog about it or spread the word about it somehow or the other. If you blog about it, tell me so that I can add up to the list here.

C’mon you know you want a plug here. Do blog about it for the larger picture of it. 🙂

Update: Kenney has a useful map to help you reach the destination in time.

  1. Hey Anand, I tried to find the link u were talking about but could not find it out… Pls do count me in for the Barcamp!! Later dont tell me I have not registered…

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