Kerala Roads: Enter at your own risk!

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Today I had a trip from my home in Cochin, to my family temple at Peruvambu, near Palghat. The trip was around 200Kms in total, a journey that should have been a breeze in about 5-7 hours took a gruelling 9 hours in total and my backbone is like the suspension of a fully loaded trucker, all bended up and sprained 🙁

Where do I start? There was literally no roads on the way. In places where the roads were supposed to be, it was nothing but potholes of the size of a car and all over the road for more than 100kms of the way. The progress is like 20kms an hour! And the holes? Nope, they are not the ones you usually encounter on the roads here. Its like about 50cms deep and the size of a full hatchback car! I have videos coming up soon in a few days.

TheAnand’s Web Designer blog rants about the condition of roads in Cochin and Kerala as a whole.

Calling roads here a mess is a full blown outright insult to the word mess.

The best way to travel around on Kerala roads, will be to have a Hummer or a real 4×4 and experience the off road conditions here on road. So, you get to see what off the road looks like on the road. Get what I mean?

Who is to blame?

I am not biased to any party or any kind of flag for that matter. But I can vouch that this is the worst non-performing government Kerala has ever had and hopefully ever will. I mean, what is Mr. Achuthanandan doing? I don’t really care if you saved 1.5 inches of land from the so called land encroaches, or saved the Silent Valley. I want better roads, Sorry, I want roads, Sorry again, I want flat surfaces first, then we shall think about roads and dream about better things like that! Roads are the basic lifeline of an economy, Mr Achu. You better quit and stay at home watch some tv and retire and read some books and die gracefully. YOU ARE TOO OLD FOR THIS JOB!

One day all the major users of this National Highway No. 47 (NH 47) should go on a strike or stop coming to Kerala altogether. We Kerlites will suffer a lot, since about 80% of what we eat comes from the other side of the state border.

On one final note, anyone planning to come to Kerala anytime soon, please catch a Train or a flight, or even rent a boat to Cochin, But please stay off the roads of Kerala. Err, why did I say roads? Keeps off those surfaces which the Govt. Of Kerala calls “National Highways”

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