Make Money Online Blogs Not Making Money Online?

This a pretty interesting thing I came across all the normal blogs, which claim to make you money online is not making a great deal of money online. Only the big ones like John Chow and others of the kind are actually making big bucks enough to quit a day job. Also the content for making money blogs attract people who already know about advertisements and adsense and others, so it will not make much in terms of PPC revenue either. I had these thoughts running through my mind when I saw this at Courtney Tuttle:

There have always been tons of ‘make money online’ sites on the internet. Everyone wants to have one. If that’s the kind of site you want, I hope you already know how to make money online. If you don’t, you’re making a huge mistake! Most people don’t realize that make money sites are a lot harder to monetize than sites in other niches.

Courtney always wrote brilliant articles all the time, usually right in time when I am looking for answers to something like a dip in traffic, why I am making less money, or anything! Interesting that two people in different parts of the world thinking alike!

Coming to the blog theme, I understand that changing the content totally will drive away all my existing audience but will it bring in new visitors in the new niche I will write about? Looks like I am going through a writers block of writing some quality content, or I am out of gas. I will not be leaving my money making missions for sure, since thats one of the things I am very interested in, which will actually pay my bills. But this blog will not become something kind of a money making machine like that of CashQuests, John Chow or the others. Also a post in Copyblogger says,

Those who are making a living directly from blogging (as opposed to using a blog to promote an existing business) know that it took a lot of hard work to get there.

I am planning to take my skills to the next level and make money selling them, like learn coding, create new custom websites and fill a need. The blog needs to move from a primary money maker to something more supplementary to my money making missions. How do you use your blog? It is your primary income generator? Or does it supplement your existing service?