MFA Dead, Made For Paid Posts = Yea!

With Google cracking down on Made For Adsense and Adsense Arbitrages, its no longer okie-dockie to make money with sites made only for Adsense revenues. I was thinking on new ways to make money online, when I remembered reading about Made for Text Links being the next big thing. But honestly, I don’t think it is a viable alternative to Made For Adsense as this method of making money is largely dependent on a lot of factors like PageRank, traffic, niche and a whole lot more, which means time is needed to make money with them.

But I have been thinking of making money with paid posts being the next big thing, since a lot of Paid Posts companies becoming popular and users accepting them as a way of life and advertisers happy with the link backs they are getting.

Why Paid Posts?

A lot of blogs are already using paid posts as a means to make money, but not very successful in making money with them beyond a $100 a month. But with a right action plan and money making motives, this is a gold mine!

How to Make money?

This is usually as simple as:

  • Buying a domain
  • Setup a blog
  • Make some content
  • Join Paid Post Services
  • Mint Money!

Well, you cannot actually mint money as it is illegal, but there is a lot of money to be made on this way through paid posts. If my calculations are right, it worth about $500 every month from 3 sites with paid posts. Stay tuned as I explain how to do it.

Damn, I was supposed to leave this make money niche, why do I keep getting back to the money 😡 Maybe this is all that I am interested in?

Updated: The second part is updated here

  1. Thats what I also plan to do when I become a little less busy. Start a new blog using an alias, write a few posts using mostly content taken from other sites licenced under creative commons and do a lot of paid reviews. Even if I do 10 reviews from Payperpost that means 100 bucks 😀
    Much easier than writing quality content and building up an audience.

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