Mikeyy Virus on the Loose on Twitter

Its on now. some kind of a XSS attacking virus called Mikeyy Virus is on the loose on  Twitter that infects your account if you visit a infected users page. The infected account then posts messages with junk on it. An example of number of ppl affected can be found by a search on twitter.

Do not visit pages which send these kind of tweets on your timeline.


Update #1: Twitter accounts are safe as per experts. It seems to happen all the time with Orkut and other sites all the time.

Update #2: To get out of the Mikeyy hack, reset your twitter settings. Delete your cache.

Update#3: Twitter has said that they have been able to contain the spread of this virus, but just to be safe, consider using a twitter client like tweetdeck since these viruses spread only when you visit the webpage.

Updatel #4:  Now there are tweets that say “Mikeyy is done” and “Twitter should really fix this.”. So, I am guessing, its still on the loose.

Update #5: Still on the loose with the following messages:

  • This worm is getting out of hand Twitter. – Mikeyy
  • This is all Twitters fault! Don’t blame Mikeyy!!
  • Twitter, your community is going to be mad at you… – Mikeyy
  • Twitter, freaking fix this already. >:[ – Mikeyy

And a tweet that says protect yourself from mikeyy, click this. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK on Twitter!

Update #6:

Looks like its sending out the message:

  • Twitter, hire Mikeyy! (718) 312-8131 🙂

But the frequency in the public timeline is getting reduced. Guess Twitter is back in control.