Mikeyy Virus on the Loose on Twitter

Its on now. some kind of a XSS attacking virus called Mikeyy Virus is on the loose on  Twitter that infects your account if you visit a infected users page. The infected account then posts messages with junk on it. An example of number of ppl affected can be found by a search on twitter.

Do not visit pages which send these kind of tweets on your timeline.


Update #1: Twitter accounts are safe as per experts. It seems to happen all the time with Orkut and other sites all the time.

Update #2: To get out of the Mikeyy hack, reset your twitter settings. Delete your cache.

Update#3: Twitter has said that they have been able to contain the spread of this virus, but just to be safe, consider using a twitter client like tweetdeck since these viruses spread only when you visit the webpage.

Updatel #4:  Now there are tweets that say “Mikeyy is done” and “Twitter should really fix this.”. So, I am guessing, its still on the loose.

Update #5: Still on the loose with the following messages:

  • This worm is getting out of hand Twitter. – Mikeyy
  • This is all Twitters fault! Don’t blame Mikeyy!!
  • Twitter, your community is going to be mad at you… – Mikeyy
  • Twitter, freaking fix this already. >:[ – Mikeyy

And a tweet that says protect yourself from mikeyy, click this. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK on Twitter!

Update #6:

Looks like its sending out the message:

  • Twitter, hire Mikeyy! (718) 312-8131 🙂

But the frequency in the public timeline is getting reduced. Guess Twitter is back in control.

  1. People who have been hacked – do not visit these profiles

    If you’ve been infected, change the URL in your profile, SIGN OUT from the Twitter WebUI, and wait for a fix.

    ‘Mikeyy’ only has access to your account while you’re signed in to the webui, as it’s cookie based. He doesn’t have your password, so you DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD

  2. We were just hit by this as well. If you pick this up, go to your profile page & delete your personal site URL. This is where code changing the profile is located.

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