Money Making Missions: An Update

After a fortnight of troubles, I am almost online. My motherboard is still having a few “Unknown Devices” and stuff. But hopefully things may return to normal soon!

I decided to start my second phase of blogging with updates about my money making missions. I had a fairly better month in March. Here are my earnings for the month of March.

Adsense: 2.15$

Content Writing: 6.00$

8.15$ is not much of a money. But still putting this on a post lets me know where I stand. I decided to take the advice of John Chow who has tons of tips to make money on the internet. He is becoming more evil by each passing day. Now he has a Microsoft Zune for a winner!

I am trying to get into more ad networks and try out new money making ideas. I got into Advolcano which you can see on the right top of my sidebar. And then there is Kontera, who is a leading in-text advertiser. I won’t be putting all my eggs into the adsense basket anymore. Hope April ends on a better note, though the starting is absolutely pathetic. 😉

  1. I am really surprised to see Court’s comment on your blog. It’s really great. That implies your greatness.
    I am a newbie who tries to get started with Affiliate marketing since 6 months. Even after reading ‘Super Affiliate Handbook’ written by Rosalind Garner, I still feel like a novice. Keywords and its competition discourages me every time whenever I come up with blogs targeting a particular keyword.
    I didn’t accidentally landed on your site. The guy ‘Ragsagar’ directed me when i explain my problems to him. He promise that I can find a solution through you.

  2. Yes you are true,
    Adsense income for newers will be less,but never be disappointed.
    Even we can easily earn 5$ per day from hubpages provided that proper keyword research has been done.
    Wish you all the best

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