Money Making Mission:Update

Its been almost 2 months since I signed up for the various money making jobs on the internet. So how successful have I been?

Initially I wanted to post a report, but if I did it, it will a funny post altogether! So I thought of taking each program and reviewing them from my view.

1. Surveys: This was one money making opportunity I know will not pay much in the shorter run, so there is no justice in criticizing it now. I did not get any survey from some companies. Till date the only surveys I did was from the Ciao-Survey and from GlobalTestMarket. This is to say that they gave me surveys, but unfortunately I did not qualify for any of them. The others have not been kind enough to send me surveys till now, hope they will soon 🙂

2. Agloco: I did not push this much in the beginning, but since John Chow did a very successful campaign on this, I am now trying to promote this. This has not started making money now, since the Viewbar has not been released. That is good considering that once it is released, It is going to be a mad rush for getting affiliates. If you have not joined Agloco yet, please consider doing so from my aff. link 😉

3. Adsense: This is one program that has got me some money, though not very much. about 8$ in a year. That is way too little, I know, but I didn’t have a content related site until I started blogging 3 months back. The only site where I ran adsense was in my personal site. Hopefully this revenue will go up soon too. 🙂

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