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Hem Acharya was asking me on how to make money with paid posts and the effective way to make money with them. I decided to make a post answering him since there have been many approaches to making money with paid posts.

Paid posts are of two types, one where there is a open marketplace of advertisers, as in PayPerPost where bloggers choose what they want and blog about it for the money. The other type is like that of SponsoredReviews, where the advertiser approves your blog once you inform them that you want to blog about them. The second approach is better for those bloggers who have a blog which is popular and has a good reader base.

I prefer the first approach since I can take opportunities when I want to each time, instead of waiting for the sponsor to approve me. I have some 20+ opportunities in SponsoredReviews waiting to be approved. Whereas the advertisers prefer this since they can choose where their review/posts appear dealing with those who post about anything and everything for the money.
My money with paid posts has been good as you can see in my monthly earnings report. I usually do paid posts in my blog in a controlled manner, which was one thing I decided when I joined them. I do paid posts in about once in 5 posts or so. Since I post everyday, this was pretty much easy. Also I take opportunities which are related to the theme of my blog, which makes it easier for the readers to digest. But I know people who take up all the opportunities and post about them for the money. I would say this is a matter of personal choosing.

If you ask me, the best approach will be:

  • If you care about your readers, take up posts which are related to your blogs’ theme. Make relevant posts and give advertisers their worth.
  • If you are in this for the money, take up all the opportunities since you are allowed 3 paid posts with payperpost each day…effectively killing your blog.
  • The final and best way would be to make a network of blogs about 5 of them, post frequently about different themes, then make paid posts on them, less frequently making money easier and more money since you have a lot of blogs with you.

I am looking at the third method to make money online for sometime now. But the problem lies in the fact that most paid posts require your blog to be at least 3-4 months old with quality content posted frequently. What are your thoughts on paid posts and making money with them?

  1. Yes, Anand.
    Lately I have also started thinking like you and have just launched two more blogs in last fifteen days.

    Webtools, my first blog, is now about 2 months old, and I am planning to resubmit it to Payperpost after one more month.
    My earlier application about a month back was turned down by Payperpost.

    After how much time your blog was approved by them?

    1. Well, having a blog in blogspot or any other free blog service is a mistake if you ask me. It will allow you to make money, but you will be screened out by a lot of advertisers. try buying a domain as it will help in the longer run. My site was approved in less than a week.

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