More Comments or Leaking Pagerank?

This is an antique debate on using the do-follow plugin on your blogs. Are you looking for more comments on your blog or are you concerned about having a blog that “leaks” pageranks? I had some thoughts on this since I started blogging about a year back. But when JohnChow decided to sell do-follow on the comments on his blog, I decided to take some steps to make commenting more prominent on my blog too.

TheAnand's SEO Blog has link love for commentators

If you are a blogger, you will surely understand how sad it is to see “0 Comments” on your posts. I have a all passion link love plugin installed on my blog which gives link love to all the comments above 5. Which means you need only 5 comments to get some google juice and all my regular readers get “love” 🙂

What kinda follow is it on your blog? Follow, no-follow or do-follow? Let your comments flow!

My friend Nomar recently made a really useful post about how to run a forum from ground up and marketing it later on.. He has a lot of experience in this forum thing running 9MB Web Marketing Forums. This a great article which needs to be read by every wannabe forum administrator.

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Get Arabian Sea Wordpress theme: comes SEO'd!

Get Arabian Sea Wordpress theme: comes SEO'd!