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I am feeling a bit uneasy for letting my posting frequency dwindle these days. But I have been awfully busy with some new projects and my learnings with PHP.

Last month I spent about $75 buying 2 new sites and 3 new domains and advertising my site a bit for some search engine love. Here are some sites I bought recently.

Capital-Surf – This is a blog where I use to make some sponsored posts and other paid posts. The site also has a page rank which I can use to benefit my other sites also. – A proxy. Why? Just for the sake of it. I bought this only for the experience of it. The site has a decent visits a day mostly from the United Kingdom. So this maybe a case of lesser monetized sites. I am planning to make this site better and more useful with a blog or something. But more on that later. is my new blog which I am building from scratch. The site is about the new tax which is coming soon in India – Goods And Services Tax, which aims to combine the existing VAT and Service Tax to one and single tax system. This blog will be frequently updated with the help of my dad. – I bought this just for the sake of owning a 4 letter domain which is very much nice and cool. I even have a full form for it – Indian Yoga Head-Quarters 😉

Then my Shymz. My pet project. I am investing a lot of money, time and everything else into it. I will leave more details once is nearing completion. If you want invites to Shymz – Beta, leave a comment here. I will forward it once we launch the beta. The development is gathering momentum now, I am also looking at a cost effective and reliable high volume hosting, anyone care to help?

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