More Trouble follows….

Looks like April is not the best of time for me.

First was my web server mess up and now its my hard disk crash! It shows how a drop of carelessness and erase your very own virtual existence. I had two hard disks in my previous syste, with one running linux and the other with windows XP, my daddy dearest wanted to borrow one of them for his office pc. I told him to take the disk with Linux…Well, you know what happened, he took the wrong hard disk and everything I ever did for the last two years is gone, gone just like that. The worst part is I don’t have a backup of a single file in my system. :-((

Well, on the brighter side, I have a new P4 3Ghz, 512 RAM and 160 GB HDD PC. With Win XP installed. But I am still recovering from the shock of losing all that data. Everything just gone! All this at a time when I am trying hard to get some exposure for my blog and trying to increase my presence on the Internet. Well, I just learned the hard way about not keeping a backup.

Well, for sometime, you will have to read my previous posts. I am so sorry and I am definitely very frustrated! Enjoy the holidays while I try to remember what I need from my lost 60GB of data. :-((

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