MsDanielle, Can I have the Zune?

MsDanielle, Can I have the Zune? Please..

I have been planning this post for some time now, but since I did not want to rush the post since I really want to win that Zune. So, Whats this whole Zune thingy? Read on.

Once upon a time….na, sounds boring ❗ I have no idea how many times I have been pressing the backspace to write this review of Ms. Danielle’s Blog, which is now officially 3 months old. The pink blog site has had some terrific graphs of improvement in terms of ranking. Its in no other way but up! I don’t remember from where I got to her blog, but after digging through the blog for a while, it got into my picky RSS reader.

But what got me interested to write this review is her 30GB Microsoft Zune give away contest. The 3 month old marketing blog site is something worth for me as a case study since her rankings have been a dream of every newbie blogger, a staggering Technorati Rank of 8797 shows the quality of content, and her blog stickiness shows with a feed subscriber count of 100+.

Coming to the point as to why I need to win that Zune is that my Chinese 256MB Mp3 player is on its death bed, which will play only if I hold the player at an angle of 48.9 degrees South West 😥 So if I win this Zune, I will be a happy teenager telling people about the advantages of blogging and listening to it like everyone else does, not holding it in some weird position!

So people, if you want me to put win that Zune, drop by Ms. Danielle’s marketing blog site, tell her how much you like this review and while you are there, learn a thing or two about Internet Marketing from a blog which has seen good improvement in the first 3 months it went live!