Must Have Plugins for Firefox:2006

As we near the end of another year in the 21st Century, I thought it is the right time to publish a set of must have plugins for the best browser ever – Firefox.

1. Adblock: This essential plug-in helps in blocking unwanted advertisments from displaying in the web pages you visit.You can use filters with wild cards or even regular expressions to block complete banner factories. Very useful if you use a pay-per-Mb connection or a slow internet connection and really lack to patience to wait for all those ads to download.

2. Flash Block: Falls into the same category as the above tool. It blocks all the flash content on a page. It replaces the flash with a flash icon, which you can use to play the file if you require. Again, those with a slow internet connection will find this very interesting, also can help reducing your bandwidth costs if you use a limit based plan for net.

3. Web Developer: This is a very useful add-on for the Firefox if you are a web developer or a designer. It helps you to analyse the code of any web page you visit and change its look as you wish without changing the actual page. The tool allows the user to disable, view, and edit cookies, CSS, HTML, forms, and images; validate pages; and much more.Definitely a must-have if you are into designing.

4. Sage: If you are a regular RSS Feeds user. Then this tool is all that you need to make your RSS life simpler. With the Sage addon, watch your friends’ blogs, or stay on top of hundreds of online publications with notification of new content and easy-to-read newspaper-like rendering.This builds upon the already powerful RSS features of the Mozilla browser.

5. Download Status Bar: This little bar sits on the bottom of your browser and helps you keep an eye on the downloads without leaving your browser. Download Statusbar packs in more useful features than the standard download window. The fully customizable interface auto-hides when not in use, allowing full control without interruption.

6. Adsense Notifier: Just what it says! Displays your Adsense earnings on the status bar, for those who can’t handle the urge to check their earnings every 15 minutes! Very useful.

So there we are 6 smashing add-ons for ending the year 2006!

More add-ons can be found at their official site

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