My Friend who had his brain at the wrong place…

Bad news. I usually don’t post bad news on my blog since I always thought happiness is the key to a long life, and its not in my best interest to let my readers, especially the RSS readers to die quick 🙂 .

On the more “serious” kinda note, last week a school batch mate of mine hanged himself from the ceiling of his room and killed himself. A student whose just 21 years old. Go figure.

I am not really a fan of suicides you know, but just wanted to show what can happen if you have your brains at the wrong place. The reason? Our very own teenage problem, love. Wow, wonder how many times I should have committed suicide for being ditched and how many girls should have died ‘cuz of me. Ok, Ok, I guess am going too far. 😀

Maybe he loved her too much, maybe he got addicted to her or maybe he was mentally retarded. Or probably he had his brain at the wrong place?

I mog nimma With my recent relationship kicking the bucket, I have almost lost faith in love and relationships, hence this indifferent attitude towards this dead friend of mine. Being single makes you more productive, more crazy and impulsive and adventurous when all you have to answer for is, well, you yourself.

With that fake consolation and before I start crying again, *sniff* 😛 , I leave you with online news coverages of my friend who unfortunately had his brain in the wrong place. . . .

Youth hangs self with web camera on

Youth webcasts last moments to lover

Creative Commons License photo credit: Karl Ukrawetz

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