MyBlogLog and Adsense Stats Comparison

Last weekend saw one of my humour posts hit it big with StumbleUpon users. It was well received and hence a few ‘thumbs up’ brought in a lot of visits in a short time of 20 minutes. Now thats fast!

But the other day I was checking the stats from all sources and MyBlogLog and Adsense stats confused me a lot. The variation is simply too mind blowing. Check out the MyBlogLog stats for the blog:

Refferal Stats of MyBlogLog:
Anand’s MyBlogLog stumble traffic stats

MyBlogLog Adsense Stats:

Anand’s Adsense stats from MyblogLog

I had used a 300×250 adsense unit on that post which brought in a whoooping 92 clicks! Thats like a 30% of CTR! I am amazed! But later when I dived into the stats again, I found it hard to believe that StumbleUpon can boast about this high a CTR. SU users hardly tend to click on ads.

Here is what Google Adsense for that day showed:

Adsense Stats compared with mybloglog - By Anand

Thats awful! So, was it MyBlogLog stats screwed up? Or was it adsense being stingy with me? 😛 I think the culprit here is MyBlogLog’s stats since it was mostly StumbleUpon crowd to that post that day in the weekend.

And I am not alone on discovering this. Whats your take on this? I would really love to hear your say on this since its a problem affecting all of us and its about making money online!

  1. I have also noticed some statistics on my sites with MyBlogLog. I have heared some place (Now i can’t remember where it is) on internet that Google won’t records the Hits and Clicks from StumbleUpon !

  2. @ Syth, Thanks!!!!!! Please do subscribe to my feeds for updated content 😉

    @ Kenny. Nope, this post was pretty old. It came frm natural traffic.

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