New Look for TheAnand’s Ripples

I uploaded the new theme yesterday night, but there some problems with the display not working properly and some design/color problems. I am trying hard to solve them as soon as possible. I am trying to make this theme as cool as possible before I release this theme to the WordPress community.

Here is my list of things to do:

  • Make the search box placement proper
  • Make it properly visible in all the resolutions
  • Tweak the colors and make them cooler and smoother.
  • Solve all the problems faced by the visitors at my blog here.

What do you think about the new look of my blog? What areas need improvement? A special shout goes to Wai who helped me with a lot of CSS and faulty coding with this theme. Thanks Mate!

  1. @ Divan – I must say I am a bit impatient with these things 😀 I think I have covered most bugs and not all that remains is the beautification and touch ups left.

    @ Business Card Guru – I got bored with the way my blog looks like loads of other blogs around.

    @ Denis – This was a enjoyable venture that gave me a new look and also loads of backlinks from other users using my theme.

    @ Business Twins – Glad you like it! I absolutly love Blue and whitespace is something every blog should have.

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