New Project: A Directory with a Difference!

logo.gifThis 27th April saw the birth of a new partnership between KingNomar and me. We are bringing out a Web Directory – DirectoryShift, which will organize the internet into relavent categories so that you can find what you want in a few clicks. The advantage of this directory is that you can submit your site for FREE and hence get a linkback to your site just like that. It will help you promote your site, get some search engine exposure and other advantages.

Me and Nomar have been knowing each other for sometime now, after doing a review of his site for a prize money of 25$ some time back. He is a great acquaintance to have and a good friend too. This is our first project online and we are planning big things with this!

In the title of this post, I had said that this is a directory with a difference, so whats different about DirectoryShift? It has a blog. What is a blog doing in a web directory? It contains information about the latest in Link popularity and link promotion techniquies. This information will be very useful to all webmasters trying to popularize their sites with search engine results.

So, if you own a website, blog or any other online service, be sure to submit your site to our directory. To ensure quality, we are not promoting any deep links, or sub-domians at the moment. All the links are manually checked and approved before they are allowed to be displayed on the site. So get some exposure for your site today, after all its FREE. The sponsered listing is also very cheap now, you get maximum exposure in the homepage for 10$ only!

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