New Year Spoilsports

Usually the New Year for me meant getting drunk and partying out on the roads with friends doing things that are usually illegal and totally stupid. 😉 This year I chose to do something different and try slide into the new year than try to run head on into it with a bottle of Vodka!

A lot of people who have spent the last week of a year in Cochin will agree with me that it is the best place to have a smashing Christmas and a New Year. I know a lot of people who want to have some real fun (legal and illegal 😉 ) come from places like Banglore and other South Indian cities.

Talking about spoilsports, the new channels flashed about the various riots and mischief-mongers who destroyed the festive mood misbehaving with the public. In Mumbai a mob of 40-70 men groped 2 women after they left the hotel in the wee hours of January 1. Whereas in Cochin, in the Fort Kochi Beach area, a Swedish teenager was mishandled by some drunken idiots. On the other note, some 400+ caseswere registered on the New Years eve for drunken driving, another record right there.

Not trying to be pessimistic or anything while everyone is trying to talk about the better things happening around the New Year. But these kind of happenings have to stop if we are to project Kochi as a Tourist Destination. The Swedish family going back to their home country are not really going to advice their friends to drop by Kerala the next time for sure. 🙁

This post is just for those people who want to try to make Cochin a better place, for the others, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😉

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In the spirit of Christmas!

In the spirit of Christmas!