OpenSocial:Orkut Apps goes live!

Open Social, the Facebook killer by Google is fast approaching launch I guess. Its possibly only hours before everyone announces the launch of the much awaited Orkut Killer Apps! Orkut Killer? Yea, just the sort of thing that will kill Orkut. The new favorite pastime of millions of teenagers in India/Brazil.

Since the past week, pagination errors have been too much and other minor bugs evident on the system. I should have guessed something was coming up. Logging into my account today I noticed this:

Orkut initially became popular in India only due to its extremely simple ease of use. I personally know at least 50 people who are online just for “orkutting“. They learned the internet for using Orkut. With apps, now your profiles will have all the latest bells and whistles, taking up load time to the skies and throw the simple Orkut we all know and loved to love out of the window. I know this is prejudiced, but then I have accounts in Hi5, MySpace, Facebook and a hundred other networks, but nothing ever struck me as simple and useful as Orkut did. Just thinking if this will kill Orkut too.

Social Networks are for keeping in touch with friends and sharing your photos and videos. Not to let the whole world know if you screw the other person virtually! Not my cup of coffee! But Google is trying hard to bring in the US traffic to the site and trying hard to eat into the mammoth Facebook market share. As usual, it will be fun to watch how this turns out! 🙂

Have you started to see these apps on your profiles? Or is it just those of us with the OpenSocial Orkut Sandbox account?

  1. Yeah great news!! it was in beta for a long time. I have developed an App there! 🙂

    multiple messenger (chant with yahoo, msn, google, aim ) inside orkut!. Hope it is made public soon :mrgreen:

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