Option GTM378 keeps me online on the move!

I have not been this excited about a hardware purchase in recent times! I recently bought myself a Option GTM378 PCIe card which adds 3G and GPS capabilities to my Dell XPS m1330 laptop.

Features of my Option GTM378 card

  • PCI Express MiniCard module with HSDPA 3.6 / 7.2 support
  • Easy to integrate
  • High speed: up to 7.2 Mbps
  • Multimode HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and GSM
  • Extended Feature set: GPS and Voice

So, basically, this little guy lets me plug in a BSNL SIM Card into the slot under the battery of my Dell laptop and use 3G on the move! I can pretty much use 3G where supported and seamlessly move into EDGE or GPRS where it is not available.

Currently BSNL charges you around Rs. 1 per MB which in itself is cheap, but when the best value for 3G I have discovered today is the Rs. 606 plan which gives you free usage of 1GB in the day and 5GB in the night which makes it super cheap at Rs. 100/GB!

If you own a laptop which has a SIM card slot in the bottom and you need net on the move, get yourself one of these PCI-e 3G cards and never have one of those ugly external USB internet devices on your laptop again!