Orkut Applications, Open Social and other Weekend News

Today the much awaited Google led Open Social went live and there is a large buzz in it since a lot of social communities are a part of it including Engage.com, Friendster, hi5, Hyves, imeem, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning, Oracle, orkut, Plaxo, Salesforce.com, Six Apart, Tianji, Viadeo, and XING. Though MySpace was not on the list, it seems to have joined the party. Wonder what will happen to facebook now. Here is a beautiful video which covers the all new Open Social.

Orkut Applications! Orkut has become a part of Open Social, I think the latest feature of Ask Friends feature is a look of things to come. But I am really skeptical of its growth since simplicity is what made it rocking in India at least. Now with applications, we are prone to have slower access and profiles with a million useless apps. But hey, good news for devlopers! I bet Google will soon launch a ad program for these open social apps real soon.

Also Today I got a interesting email from a friend in which someone mailed Bill Gates about Hotmail and Windows bugs. Here goes:

Microsoft Email, Open Social Platform by google and other news.

Happy Weekend folks!

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