Orkut now safe for Girls! More New Privacy Features

Orkut LogoSince the facelift, Google’s Orkut has been silently adding new features to the Indian/ Brazillian MySpace (is calling them that justified?). Along with better spam management in communities, choosing what you want to show to the world and other numerous features tell us that Google is dead serious about making it big in the US market.

Today I was browsing Orkut and came accross a profile that had a lock on its album. It was only then I noticed that now Orkut has a option to show certain parts of your profile only to friends, like the album, testimonials. This will stop prying eyes on those privacy concerned girls out there. 🙂

To use this all you have to do is log in (obviously 😛 ) and go to Settings>Privacy> and you will see this:

Orkuts new privacy features by Anand

Change and save changes and you are done!

Also Orkut recently changed their settings to prevent people from saving others display picures which will save the profile pic as a 1px image with the name “b.gif”. But if you a bit geeky oriented, anything is possible 😀

So, will this convince my privacy conscious girlfriend to upload her pictures on Orkut? We’ll soon see. 😛

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