Orkut now with Hindi Scraps

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I today loooooged (Goooooogle way! πŸ™‚ ) into orkut, which is a Google attempt at social networking which clicked only in the Indian Subcontinent and Brazil and has mass following here with every teenager spending lots of money and time “orkuting”.

I used to be very active in this service, but these days I am restricted to my close group of friends. Today while logging in, I found this:

TheAnand’s Web Designs Blog analyses Orkut hindi feature. Breaking news

I did not check out the feature since Hindi is not really my cup of coffee beyond watching some Hindi movies and listening to some Hindi-Indi Music. I tried the help feature for this, but it is not updated yet. So, am I writing a breaking news? πŸ˜€

Anyone knows what this does or what it really is? Comments invited.

  1. This is Google Indic tool which is added to orkut. Just type roman and it converts in Devnagari Hindi. like if you type ‘mera bharat mahan’ will converted ???? ???? ????.
    here I typed with a offline software but google converts it online.

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