Orkut Pictures on Google Search

Guess what I found when I searched for myself on Google?

Looks like Orkut is being integrated into google search results now. That is good news! Suppose I want to find any other blogger or a friend, I only need to do a google search with his name. Neat, but it seems that the results are personalized to the person signed in. Which means you will probably not see it when you do the same search unless I am in your friends list at orkut.

Orkut did have an option of blocking your profile to search engines, but I never saw myself or anyone else on the search results yet. Sign of things to come maybe?

One thing I would like to see in orkut is a readable URL. Something like orkut.com/user/theanand or something which I can show people easily. What do you want from Orkut? Err, you are on Orkut right?

P.S: Add me up while you are there!

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