Orkut & YouTube, Merged?

Today I was doing what every teenager does online, using the most popular social networking site on the net – Orkut.
But what was different today was a new button on the sidebar – Video. Naturally curious, I went on to check it out, I was surprised, it enabled users to share videos. It is out, Orkut and YouTube have been merged. I tried to read the official “Learn More” page, it was empty when I tried, what did you read?

Now you can share videos from Google Video and YouTube in your Orkut Profile, users will now see a new link called “Videos”. This will refer many new people to the most popular video sharing site on the internet and also increase the stickiness of the Orkut site. A new reason to browse user profiles in Orkut. I have already linked my favourite videos from YouTube on Orkut
It has been a long time requirement and a move that was long anticipated by the web dwellers that Google will one day, merge all its services to one platform. And it is only natural that Google chose its most popular video sharing and social networking site for a beginning.


What will Yahoo! and MSN do in retaliation? It will definitely be a interesting watch! What do you think?

  1. Orkut is not the most popular social networking website. I think myspace is most popular. However, yes – it is the most popular one, here in India. And this really irks me, as I love facebook. Facebook is 10x better than orkut in usability. But, very few of my friends uses it.

  2. In india, where internet social networking is still in its infancy, orkut has proved to be really popular..mainly owing to its scrap factor more than anything else. . .Personally I liked Hi5 better, but the communities in Orkut are far more active..

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