PageRank, Link Popularity and Paula Mooney!

In my make money online from scratch series, I wrote about getting noticed, letting others know that you exist. Getting them to link to you, making your blog go up in rankings and get some traffic on the way. There have been many innovative thoughts in getting linkbacks.

One Day Blog Silence

Think about OneDayBlogSilence, it is a perfect linkbait if you ask me. It has the perfect reason for someone to link to it. They have a simple and nice idea to get that all important linkback. People read about it, think about it, decide that they want to keep their silence on their blog, copy-paste the code. Personally I was not a part of this campaign, like one day of silence on my blog is too much for me. But I do feel sorry for the victims of Virgina tragedy, but silence is not the solution or the answer for it. But thinking about it in SEO terms, I think these guys have hit a jackpot for that really innovative linkbait ideas!

Paula Mooney and Blogger SalariesComing to PaulaMooney, another perfect linkbait idea. So interesting that she got people link to her with a good anchor text. Unlike the above example, she made bloggers do it all by themselves. The idea? She made a list of bloggers making money on the internet. Made a list of blogger salaries, and linked everyone to their monthly earnings. Cool? Very 😎 I am very happy with my presence on my list. Though I am in the bottom of the list, It gives me great pleasure to be with the best of bloggers out there! Though the list is only indicative of the blogger earnings, it takes some effort to create that. So this is a well earned and another innovative linkbait idea. Thanks Paula for including me on the list!

Now you have an idea on how to get bloggers link to you. Have you done anything like this? I am interested in knowing those innovative ideas. Do leave your comments and thoughts on this!

  1. Matt: He told me that he has sent it, but I am yet to receive it, should take a week I think.

    Paula: True, it is definitely a good thing to give others a little bit of inspiration just when it is required!

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