Paid Surveys – Easy Money, Well, almost!

Believe it or not. There are companies out there who are willing to pay you, to know what you think about their products/services which range from video games to painkillers.

Answering surveys can be a fun way to earn some extra cash. Most surveys are short and last about 20-25 minutes for which the payout range from 5$ to 20$ or more.

I bet all of us have taken part in some surveys at some point of time. And as far as I am concerned, I enjoyed every minute of it. Its a matter of pride to know that your opinion counts. The advantage of paid surveys is that you get paid per survey and it is usually a short 15-20 question one. While it is not money making opportunity for a livelihood, it can certainly allow one to make some extra cash.
While most paid survey sites are free to join, there are some who require you to pay some money initially to access their database.
One disadvantage about paid surveys is that you have no assured number of surveys you will get in a year. One time you might be flooded with surveys, while other days you will have to watch your inbox in desperation. But then considering that you make money without much effort, it should be fine!
Here are some site where you can join and take part in paid surveys. They are free to join and are available for the Indian users.

CIAO Surveys
American Consumer Opinion

I am currently a part of all the above sites. They are legitimate as far as I researched on the net. As of today I have got only one paid survey from CIAO Surveys for which I got disqualified as I don’t play video games. Will keep you updated on more as I get more paid surveys.
For an international survey company see this site which gives a whole lot of information on paid surveys.

Top International Online Paid surveys

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