Pass The Pen! – Official John Chow Game

The John Chow pen arrived 2 days back and I am sorry for the delay in posting this, just like the Agloco is not able to talk with the ad servers, my camera was not able to talk to my PC πŸ˜›


Now that it can talk, so I took a few shots for this post! For those who don’t know about this game, here is a small introduction. Matt recently won a pen in a JohnChow contest, he decided to let the lucky pen go sightseeing around the world! So he started a fun game to pass the pen all over the world. Here is how the game is played:

1. The first person to comment on this post requesting that the pen be sent to them will be sent the pen! To be sent the pen you must have a blog and be a fan of John Chow. You must comment so everyone else can see, but email me your:
Address: (remember to include your country!)
Blog address:
to the current pen holder: so they can send the pen to you, and to Matt: (Matt started the game)

2. When you receive the pen, take a photo of it and smack it on your blog! Copy and Paste this exact list of instructions on your blog (numbers 1-4), with Matts email address included.

3. Shoot Matt a quick email including a link to your post. He will then write a follow up post, including your site your name and your county, and we will be able to see where the pen has been! If you copy it to the current β€˜pen-holder’ they may follow up on the story as well.

4. Matt will then continue to write a follow up post for every person the pen visits, until we have a list of different countries where the pen has been! If you took part in The official John Chow Fans – Pass the Pen Game feel free to write a follow up post as well about where the pen has been.
What’s the point? Firstly you will get several links from Matt, because each follow up post He writes will include you. That is not really the aim of the game though, it is community building and is a bit of fun. Who knows where the pen will end up! You may think there is a risk here, after all someone could ruin the fun and just keep hold of the pen. This would result in bad press for them and it’s hardly worth anything, so who is next?

The game itself is very simple, here is a list where the pen has been to till now.


Now the pen is taking a nap in front of my monitor, in Cochin, Kerala, India. You have the rules, instructions and everything else. It will be fun to see where the pen will be after some weeks. So, who wants the John Chow Pen?

    1. Yea, pretty fast…the other day someone was asking if i was crazy to pay the postage for this pen. I think its worth it in the long run in terms of traffic and linkbacks…

      hey linkylove, you have not mailed me yet πŸ™‚

  1. aw nuts! I keep forgetting to do the Math before posting my post!
    I was just gonna say, if there was a post for the best photo of the pen, then I would win…! ha ha ha
    BTW, DotMySpot is after the pen, I have suggested watching the LinkyLove site for the post about the pen when it arrives…nobody gets to keep this pen for long, and yes it’s worth the postage just for the fun of being involved…(oh yeah and the links…ha ha)

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  3. I was wondering what happend to the pen….linky is having a merry time writing with it I guess! πŸ™ It was such a wonderful idea that got wasted.

  4. What went wrong wit it jay? What is she saying? All my emails to her were ignored. At some point of time I even drafted a hate post abt this….but then thought its not worth my time now.

  5. I don’t think it’s worth getting annoyed about… she flirted with the idea, but lost interest I guess… It’s a shame.

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