Paypal Spam Is not dead!

Recently Yahoo! claimed that they have managed to stop all Ebay and Paypal spam emails sometime early this month. I always thought Yahoo! had a great technology for stopping spam and they have some cool technology like DomainKeys and stuff like that. Today I got a email saying that my Paypal needs verification. Here is a screenshot:


So, Whats going on Yahoo! ? Can I trust your emails? 😀

  1. Don’t go towards the light! Yahoo has many flaws, or so I’ve heard. It’s been a while but I have two questions?

    1. How do you get that screenshot there?

    2. What do you have inside your “my big dreams” folder?

    curiosity didn’t kill the cat, I saw it and believe me, that’s one rich feline.

  2. 1. I used the print screen feature, if thats what you asked 😐

    2. The cat has to be killed! 😛 Its some really life threatening emails and stuff related to how i manipulate the Google stocks and how I plan to gain majority stake in the company!!!! 😈 😈

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