Poles Apart: King Nomar and Me

A lot of bloggers are putting up contests and prizes for reviewing their blogs. And the King Nomar of Netherlands has a prize for the best review of his site. And it is not polite to disobey the King!

Nomar is a 20 year old guy from Netherlands, a starting web developer who is online to make some money off the internet. And as far as I can see, he is pretty successful at that. He has already crossed the payout amount of Adsense, and is successfully making money off some sponsored reviews of other sites and has bought some nice business websites related to gaming and hosting.

But as the title of this post says, we are poles apart. We both started blogging much around the same time. Nomar has been posting pretty regularly and frequently unlike me. He has already seen the money pouring in, I am yet to see 20$ with Adsense. He has bought some pretty interesting websites, I am struggling to get some decent traffic every month! He has a lot of comments on his blog, I am yet to see a regular reader of my blog. We are of the same age, yet he has become a successful money making blogger with 168$ in February. Not a lot of money, but it is definitely money! 🙂

Honestly, I am trying to pick up some lessons from him about marketing a blog and making money out of it. I am definitely doing things for my blog, but now I know it was done the wrong way. Moving on the actual review of kingnomar dotcom. The theme of the site is the same as mine, but not very design and color oriented as seen from a designer’s eye. I like his posts as they are very rich in fresh and original content. But recently he has been blogging a lot of sponsored posts, around 7 in 2 days. That’s a lot of sponsored posts in a very little time, and they are in no way related to the theme of his site. But hey, as he says, he needs to get his laptop fast! But if you ask me, I’d say don’t do that 🙂

His Highness Nomar is a definite case study for me, to learn how a blog that is on rank 11,790 in Technorati, has a pagerank of 4 and is on rank 91,421 at Alexa reached that level in a period of 5-6 months and made real money on its way there.

Visit King Nomar and start your research while I mail him about this review and try to steal some money making ideas from him!

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