Quick Question: What do you want to see on TheAnand?


I have been a lazy blogger for most part of this year for some reason. While initially it was due to work and getting the basics up at ayruz, these days its more like a loss of purpose in blogging life. The traffic to this blog has been fairly stable at 40,000 pageviews a month and revenue from adsense being a little over 5$ a day making it the dream no-maintenance blog in my network.

But at TheAnand, I do want to blog! Just that I am lost at about what to blog. As the traffic is stable, I cannot guess which type of posts interest you the regular readers of this blog.

So, Quick Question!

What do you want to see on TheAnand? Videos of a monkey sniffing his own butt? SEO tips? Entrepreneurship? Fun stuff? My life? (ente thala, ente full figure? #mallu)

Do help me out guys!

  1. Anand,

    I can empathize with you. I’m in a similar situation re my blog. I can tell you I definitely don’t want to see monkeys sniffing their butts. What I would like more of is link building information – how to’s, anecdotes, case studies, dos and don’ts.



  2. I think you should write about your life as a entrepreneur now. Now that you have Ayruz, you would probably have lots to share.

    Like, the softwares you use to manage tasks, how you manage other employees and events that come up in projects that might interest us.

    Good Luck!

  3. I am an expert in stuff like these. I think I can help you out here. What you need to do is to follow…. oops wait. Oh sorry. never mind. I haven’t updated my blog in many weeks!

    I guess the basic idea is to write when you have a point to make. If you don’t have anything to say, or you are busy with other things, no need to write anything at all.

    Anyway personally I would like to know your inside secrets like “how to generate more revenue from adsense” etc. Another quick question that came to mind was why do you think this blog is generating more revenue (that is the impression I got) than the niche specific sites you are running.

    1. @Niyaz, Traffic……and domain authority I guess….it gets pretty decent numbers on adsense. I have loads of points to make, just confused if they would be of interest to the public 🙂


      Thats something to aspire for. I have great regard for Darren Rowse, and being him is challenging in itself. Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  4. theanand could contain anything – better be on your business based experiences which wil help and motivate the next gen kids.

    (ente thala, ente full figure vare avaaam : fans ullathalle! #mallu)

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