Quick Question: What do you want to see on TheAnand?


I have been a lazy blogger for most part of this year for some reason. While initially it was due to work and getting the basics up at ayruz, these days its more like a loss of purpose in blogging life. The traffic to this blog has been fairly stable at 40,000 pageviews a month and revenue from adsense being a little over 5$ a day making it the dream no-maintenance blog in my network.

But at TheAnand, I do want to blog! Just that I am lost at about what to blog. As the traffic is stable, I cannot guess which type of posts interest you the regular readers of this blog.

So, Quick Question!

What do you want to see on TheAnand? Videos of a monkey sniffing his own butt? SEO tips? Entrepreneurship? Fun stuff? My life? (ente thala, ente full figure? #mallu)

Do help me out guys!