Radio finally comes to Cochin, But…

Its been quite a while since Kerala got its private radio stations and Cochin is the last city to join the party. I never thought radio was boring since its quite an engaging thing while driving or while just taking a rest at the couch. I usually tune into the All India Radio once in a while in the evenings where Rainbow FM plays the latest hindi tracks and the RJ’s are pretty cool too. If you looking for the stations in Cochin now, this post by Mahesh will help.

Tuning into these new stations brought a load of old memories started floating back. When I was in the final years of my schooling, I used to play with FM waves quite a bit. It started off eavesdropping on my neighbors cordless phone. Not really a morally ethically good thing to do, but then it was better than listening to the boring RJ’s of AIR!!

Then I tried tuning into the TV channels with my tried and trusted and self-modded Chinese radio and with some success got tuned into HBO, Headlines Today and some other channels. Not to stop, I was pretty much excited and even tried to eves drop on Martians!

Okie, maybe not. But I did stumble into something more interesting than the Martians. The Indian FM radio band starts from 87.5 to 108, but my Chinese radio and the MP3 player had bands before 87.5 which was called the Japan Band. I am not sure if I am legally right in blogging about this, but what the “F”, I got tuned into the police radio! Soon I was tuning into the police radio whenever I got bored!! It was fun to listen to the latest road crashes in the city, who is escorting who to the court tomorrow, crime reports and some other stuff which I never understood. And the language , the crude police slang and bossing over smaller rank officers was pretty much fun to listen!

There you go people, if you are in India, get a Chinese radio player for less than 3$, and listen to the best RJ’s in the planet! Unfortunately neither will you get the exact band here, and nor will you be able to listen to the latest music there! And in case you are wondering about the equipment needed, either the Chinese mp3 player will help or look for this thing on the footpath market near you:

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the next parliment attack. All the mis-information on this post is purely for knowledge, the consequences of which I am not liable for.

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