Rambo 4 : Get your dose of violence

Anand watches John Rambo IVYesterday was a gross day. Yea, watched the bloody movie, first day of release 🙁 As you regulars might already know, I am no movie buff but watch a few ones by chance or by fate. I went to meet up with a design client of mine and ended up watching a movie with him.

Not a scene stay in my mind, except for those really gross ones like a head on a stick, rotting bodes. the movie has no class whatsoever, no typicall Rambo style except for the one where he turns from a boatman to combat soldier.

The start of the movie showed the political situation at Burma with a overdose of violence. Then a group of people trying to help people in the war torn region, and John Rambo is persuaded to take them up river to a village. Half-hearted Rambo takes them there and comes back only to see another person who had come from US to search for the missing group. Along with a team of army dudes I suppose who swear a lot, he goes to find the group. After Violence, bloody violence and more shootings, arrows and smithering human bodies, severed heads and more bloody scenes, the whole Burmese battalion is finished.

The End.

Do you guys want a perfect movie guide? Like my girlfriend says, go watch all the movies I don’t watch. They are usually really good ones. 🙂

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