Ride to Leh, Ladakh – A vacation

And finally its official. I have decided to take up the challenge of riding to Leh, Ladakh. The ride to the Himalayas is something which every biker dreams of and it is definitely a entry my must-do-activity-list. I did not expect to ride this year, but as everything came together, I will be able to take  a vacation to one of the most serene and beautiful locations in the world.

The roads to Leh are open only for a few months between June and October and are closed due to snow and inhospitable weather during the rest of the year. Looking forward to the vacation! Do subscribe to the blog if you are looking for travel logs and information on riding to Leh on a motorcycle! Read more about Ladakh from Composed Volcano.

My Bajaj Avenger 220

Bought in 2010, I am extremely happy with its performance as a cruiser.


A few pics of the destination taken by fortunate travelers to the amazing place.

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