Root of All Evil:John Chow

During the time I was trying to get a hang of all this “blogging” concept, John Chow’s blog was one of the first blogs I started reading. I honestly forgot where I got his URL from, but the fate was kind enough to let me stumble upon his blog. After all like poles attract as someone said, evil attracts evil! His blog which earns 3000+ in a month is a great inspiration for bloggers like me who earns 7$ in more than a year!

Today, John posted – 10 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid which is a great read about the common mistakes that bloggers everywhere make, out of the 10, I definitely didn’t make the 10th one for sure. John Chow dot com is a great read for everyone from the casual surfer to the serious geek trying to earn from the internet.

Also John’s site is a excellent resource for wordpress users as he posts about the latest updates of the popular blogging platform, and another bonus is the plugin related posts that he posts once in a while in which he shares the plugins he uses and their advantages. This was a boon for me as a newbie to blogging as it helped me get some cool plugins to increase the readership experience. It was from his post that I got the tip on personalizing the blog to differ from the millions of blog on the internet. Thanks John!

Another added attraction is the contests that he runs from time to time. While the purpose of these contests are to benefit “The Root Of All Evil” himself, he puts in some nice reward for the winner which is inevitably attractive and hence increasing the “Evilness” of all the readers. He currently has 2 contests running, one about joining his MyBlogLog community in which a random winner gets a superb looking thumb drive and the other which is to review his blog and get a free linkback from his site. But the best part is that he creates a win-win situation for everyone which is irresistible. Here you go John, congrats on pulling me into your sweet and “Evil” network!

Jokes apart, John Chow is a very successful blogger, a self-proclaimed dotcom Mugul, a very fine diner(serious) and as I said John Chow is the “Root of All Evil”(Serious again! 😉 ). I could go on writing about how he provoked a serial killer in his early years and stuff, but hey I don’t want to spoil the show, find it out yourself!