Saving Streaming Videos from Any Video Sites

I know saving videos from online streaming video sites are a headache. Fortunately for YouTube, which has a lot of tools which allow you to do it on the fly. saving_streaming_video_conversionsFor lesser known and niche sites like Amvizone, saving a video is a much desired feature. I was searching for a way to download my own video from Amvizone and convert it into AVI, but I was hesitant to use any softwares to do this. Though there might be tons of ways to save videos from streaming sites, this is the method I use:

  1. View the video on your Firefox browser and wait till its completly loaded.
  2. Open a new tab and type in “about:cache” without the quotes.
  3. Under the heading “Disk cache device” you will see a cache path like this: “ C:\Users\theanand\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\758beuwk.default\Cache
  4. Copy and paste the path in a new tab and you will see a lot of strangely named files.
  5. Sort the list by size and one of those files is your video in FLV format. Click on them, save it and view with VLC player to confirm.
  6. Get the free video file converter called FormatFactory and use it to convert your FLV in any video format you want including ipod video format.

Screenshot of the cache page. (Click to enlarge).


  1. I’ve been doing this. FTW.
    Also, Firefox lists you all the files it have, with the command


    Now, in this page, hit Ctrl+F or “/” and enter the extension of file you want to save for, say, .FLV

    It’ll be highlighted and you can save it from there!

    Maybe, I should write this as a blog post !

  2. Ah, I thought these files do not come with the extension of FLV, hence I took the long way of manually finding them.

    Yea, you shud write an article and credit me for inspiration 😉

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