Search Engines Biased?

This seems to be hitting the web recently. Search engines are biasing their results, especially Google is manipulating its own results to get more attention to its own products. I had this doubt since ages, but never gave it much of a second thought. It is only logical that Google will do this to get more attention since they are a late entrant to many markets like messenger, email and other things. But it seems to be true and you can find it in action too.

First I saw a post in BusinessBlogger about Google getting caught pants down. It is a pretty interesting post on how Google ranks higher than the popular for the term pro blogger. Then there came another post from Venu’s Online Diary about the term “Desktop Search”. What do you think?

I have heard something about Google doing something to manipulate the search data numbers sometime back. Is it time for someone with a open source search engine with more transparency to step in? If only I was a coder…..lucky you, Google đŸ‘¿

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